Worship Planning

Worship Planning

Easily organize, schedule, and communicate your worship plans for services, series, and special events. Best of all, the Worship Planning Deluxe Plan is included with your Church Office Online Membership.

What is worship planning?

Worshipplanning is designed to help you seamlessly plan your worship flows. Every detail is specified from scheduling volunteers to organizing songs. Create pre-service tasks, add a general set list, view song details, and manage other aspects of the service or event within the flow. Your plans are securely stored in the cloud, so your team can instantly access them anywhere.

Why do you need a cloud-based worship planner?

Even if you already have a system for planning services, Worshipplanning enhances that process and keeps everyone on the same page. Team leaders can drag and drop fields to visually organize the flow and add specific details, schedule practices, and even set each song’s key for the service. From their smartphone, team members can accept or decline an invitation to participate, block off their calendar, and receive notifications. With Worshipplanning, you simply have more time to focus on ministry!

Seamlessly plan your next service

1. Update member and guest profiles

Don’t wait to get back to your office to change the address of a member who moved. Do it straight from your phone.

2. Set permissions and add notes

Before sharing your flow, set permissions for your team based on who can see or edit the flow. Provide notes for individuals or teams with more direction and add notes for yourself.

3. Stay in contact wherever

Need to remind a volunteer of an uncompleted task? Or, send a push notification canceling due to weather? All this and more is possible using your mobile device.

4. Organize and manage songs

As you’re choosing songs, view details like last performed date. Listen to the music playlist from Spotify, YouTube, or MP3s. Use the virtual sheet music to transpose, annotate, rehearse, and perform the music.

5. Present the worship flow to your team

Turn your worship flow into a visual presentation. Walk your team through the flow beginning with scheduled practices and pre-service elements, and then run through the service.

6. Continue planning for the year

While your focus may be on the next service, know that you can plan months or even a year in advance! Start from scratch or use a template to get a bird’s eye view of your long-term worship plan.

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