Online Giving

Online Giving

Pass the virtual basket and make donating as easy as possible with options: online giving, text giving, kiosk giving, and recurring gifts.

What is Online Giving?

It’s no secret that more and more people are paying online for the sake of convenience. Online Giving makes giving easier, faster, and more readily available. Receive secure payments, inspire generosity, and meet your financial goals by offering even more options for donors to fund your ministry. Offering online giving is proven to increase donations.

How to increase donations at your church

1. Meet donors where they are

Meet donors where they are and allow them to give anytime, anywhere, and in the way they choose.

2. Offer multiple ways to give

If your only method of giving is the offering plate, you’re likely missing out on donations. Offer online giving, text giving, and kiosk giving through this one platform.

3. View the reports you want to see

Track giving trends, see who is giving, and monitor which giving methods are used the most. Use your dashboard to understand and improve your approach to requests.

4. Accept the forms of payment that work for you

Allow donors to give via credit, debit, and/or ACH. Take control of which forms are offered based.

5. Customize your giving interface

Branding is important. Customize your interface to match your church’s brand so that donors will recognize and trust your giving platform.

6. Create campaigns and funds

Help people understand who and what their donation is supporting. Create specific funds they can contribute towards.

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