Church Health Dashboards

Church Health Dashboards

You know what metrics matter most for your church. Bring those front and center with a customized Health Dashboard so you can stay focused on your church’s goals.

What are Church Health Dashboards?

Is your church healthy? The Church Health Dashboard makes answering this question possible by displaying church data in an organized way. Monitor your dashboard regularly to get an idea of the direction you’re moving as a church. Customize what you want to see so you can make sure you’re on track to meet goals and grow for the sake of the Gospel.

Ways to monitor your Church Health Dashboard for growth

1. Discover how close you are to meeting goals

As a healthy church, you likely have attendance goals, giving goals, and more. Discover if you’re on track to meet those goals with a quick glance at the dashboard.

2. Customize the data for each person

Add specific widgets, graphs, and data points so that you only see the information that you want to see.

3. Track the trends and plan ahead

Stay informed by tracking data over time. Recognizing these trends will help you anticipate what is to come and make plans accordingly.

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Church Health Dashboards

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