Volunteer Scheduling

Volunteer Scheduling

Volunteer management shouldn’t be a headache. Use our super easy scheduling tool to make organizing volunteers simple.

What is Volunteer Scheduling?

Your church relies on volunteer service. Improve the way you connect them to opportunities and stop chasing people down. With the Volunteer Schedules tool, you can send follow-up reminders, communicate more effectively (volunteers can reply directly to inform you that they’re coming — or need to cancel!), optimize requests by targeting only qualified volunteers, or set applicant limits if you only need a few people.

Tips for scheduling volunteers

1. Match them with opportunities

Don’t just fill in the gaps. Devote time into helping volunteers find opportunities they love so they’ll keep coming back. Host a volunteer fair or list service opportunities on your website.

2. Send frequent reminders

With a scheduling tool, you can communicate via email and text to remind volunteers of commitments well in advance. Encourage them to add these to their calendars and set alerts.

3. Plan in advance

Stay ahead of your volunteer needs and stick to dates and times proposed. They’ll love that you’re reliable and respect their time. And, of course, don’t forget to thank them.

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