Ever assigned a task and realized, days after it was due, that it was never started? Church Office Online’s Interactions tool helps you manage your team like a pro.

What are Interactions?

Think project management, but with automatic updates and progress reports. No matter the size of your church, you have several things going on and different people juggling many different moving parts. Using Interactions, you can assign tasks, monitor progress, and get notified when projects are done. This is a ministry team leader’s dream.

Tips for using Interactions to simplify project management

1. Assign and monitor important tasks

Help everyone stay focused by assigning tasks to everyone involved. Then, easily check to see what has been done and what still needs completing.

2. Utilize email to keep people organized

Using email, people can simply respond to automatic task reminders and the system will update automatically as well.

3. Keep communication avenues open

Is a project stalled because of a needed resource or unforeseen obstacle? Team members can interact using email, text, calls, and more.

What else can I do?

People Management

Keep member records up to date.

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Church Communication

Stay in touch with your people.

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Find the data you need. Fast.

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Group Management

Create groups, manage members, and assign tasks.

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Church Check-In

Streamline the check-in process with confidence.

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Stay organized with a central calendar.

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Automate follow ups, task assignments, and more.

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Assign tasks, monitor progress, and receive notifications.

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Mobile Management

Access everything you need from your phone.

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Forms and Event Management

Offer event registration and plan like a pro.

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Church Health Dashboards

Monitor the metrics that matter most.

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Online Giving

Receive payments and track generosity.

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Access key information quickly.

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Accelerate adoptions and create church data masters with our Success Plans.

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