Automate the repeated tasks of ministry with Workflows so you can be sure they happen each and every time.

What are Workflows?

Save valuable time by automating processes using Workflows. Simply set up Workflows to trigger certain actions, such as follow ups, task assignments, viewing to-dos, and more. Use our system to automate your systems and spend more time focusing on ministry. You can even use Workflows to make sure that guests and members alike feel valued.

How to make Workflows work for you

1. Follow up with visitors every time

Set up a workflow that ensures your follow-up procedures happen every time. Remind ministers to follow up and automatically send a welcome email immediately. Easy peasy.

2. Remind staff and volunteers of their to-dos

Sometimes people simply forget the tasks that have been assigned to them. Ensure that tasks are completed by setting up automatic reminders.

3. Automatically thank donors and volunteers

Send automatic texts or emails to people who donate to your church or serve at an event.

What else can I do?

People Management

Keep member records up to date.

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Church Communication

Stay in touch with your people.

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Find the data you need. Fast.

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Group Management

Create groups, manage members, and assign tasks.

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Church Check-In

Streamline the check-in process with confidence.

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Stay organized with a central calendar.

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Automate follow ups, task assignments, and more.

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Assign tasks, monitor progress, and receive notifications.

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Mobile Management

Access everything you need from your phone.

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Forms and Event Management

Offer event registration and plan like a pro.

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Church Health Dashboards

Monitor the metrics that matter most.

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Online Giving

Receive payments and track generosity.

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Access key information quickly.

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