Group Management

Group Management

Groups are the backbone of the Church Office Online church management software. Manage them with confidence with our Group Management tool.

What is Group Management?

Your church is made up of people who serve, connect with, and attend different groups ranging from small groups to staff teams to specific area volunteers. The Group Management tool makes it possible to create groups, manage members, assign tasks, find classes, and more — all from one place.

How to manage the groups in your church

1. Create however many groups you need

This isn’t one-size-fits-all. Create as many groups as you need to simplify processes and improve communication.

2. Easily track group metrics

How many people attended the newlywed class? Did the student ministry staff follow up with guests this week? Group Management makes tracking this possible.

3. Assign individual tasks within a group

Delegate tasks to individuals in each group. Keep it broad or choose to get down in the weeds.

4. Ensure confidentiality by deciding who sees what

Give permission for everyone to see everything, or only allow certain people access to certain groups. This ensures that information stays secure.

5. Utilize the group finder tool

Allow people to browse through small groups, volunteer opportunities, and more to stay connected and grow in their faith.

6. Simplify group communication

Need to get a message out to your class or remind all small group leaders of their training on Sunday? Communication becomes a breeze using Group Management.

What else can I do?

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