Church Data Security

Your church data is safe with us.



Church Office Online takes security very seriously, which is why churches in 24 countries have gone with our church management software. We service government chapels, churches, and underground churches.

All data is stored in world class vaulted servers. Access is extremely limited.


Church Office Online's church management software (Church Membership Online - CMO) is AES 256 bit encrypted via HTTPS. Encrypted (HTTPS) connections are often used for payment transactions on the World Wide Web and for sensitive transactions in corporate information systems, i.e. banks.

Physical Security

The servers that host our church management software are in world class datacenters with cutting edge physical security. Only employees of the physical hosting facility are allowed access in the building.

Server Security

Access to each server is restricted by firewall and very strict authentication mechanisms. Only computers, individuals and services that have been granted explicit access to the servers can gain access.

Privacy of Client Data

No client data is accessed, viewed or used in any way other than for the purposes of the client. We do not provide or sale client stored data to third parties.

Client Reference Policy

We do not assume that clients are willing to act as a reference. When we are asked by a prospective client for references, active clients are asked for permission per request before a reference is given. And we would never provide or sell a list of church clients to third parties.


World Class

Our hosting facilities and architecture are world class. Our infrastructure is top notch, running on the same systems as some of the largest companies in the world.

Plan to Fail

The best way to guard against failure is to plan for it. We have multiple servers, multiple datacenters and multiple copies of your data at all times. When things fail, and they do, our redundant systems kick in providing high levels of uptime for your church management software.

Data Backup

All of your data is backed up several times a day to protect you from disasters. Additionally, there are multiple database servers in place so if a server fails not only is your church data safe, but you still have access to it.