Church Data Import Services

Our data import services quickly, easily and inexpensively gets your existing data into your Church Office Online account.

Self Serve Data Import

We have a data import service available to get all of your existing church data into your Church Membership Online account. We can import data from any church membership software application that allows you to export your data. Simply put your church membership data into an Excel spreadsheet and we will take care of the rest!

  • Easily Import Your Existing Church Membership Data
  • Data Can Be Imported From Any Excel or CSV File
  • Compatible With Most Other Church Management Software Applications
  • Intelligent Data Import Engine Automatically Groups Households, Formats Data And Much More!

How it Works

You can import your data yourself by uploading a CSV file found under Utilities. It’s that simple.

Contributions Import

We offer a contributions import service that will accurately get your contribution and donation information imported into Church Office Online. We will review your contributions data and provide an estimate for the import cost based on the size and complexity of the import.