Mass Communication Features

Christmas is coming. Your list is getting big. Your church’s congregation list, that is. You want to keep in contact with your church members, especially during this busy season, and we’ve got the tools to help.

Mass Email

Our integration with MailChimp, an easy-to-use email platform, makes sending mass emails quick and simple. You can design professional-quality emails and track results at the click of a button. Your digital newsletters and correspondences will look like you’ve hired a designer to prepare them. Setting up your account will take just a few minutes, your email address and some preference set ups. Once you’re in, you can begin setting up different lists for your email communication. You’ll then enter your unique API key into your Church Office Online account, and you are all set! For a tutorial on just how easy this is, check out one of our mass email posts here.


You’ve seen some members of your church check text messages during the service. So you know they read these simple, short messages. Text Messaging is a fast and easy way to communicate to your whole congregation or specific lists for different reasons. If there is an emergency or cancellation, you can send a message almost instantly to the targeted groups. With every Church Office Online subscription, you’ll receive free SMS Text Messages. We have tutorials available to teach you all about the different features of Text Messaging, and we have made this feature fully integrated with our church management software. Setting this up is short. It’s simple. Just like a text!

Phone Tree

We’ve got a lot of great new technology that helps us to communicate in writing, but sometimes a phone call is a great way to communicate! That’s why we have integrated with Call-Em-All to make sure a phone tree is still possible for your church. You can easily synch your contacts through this easy-to-use tool, and then record voice messages to be sent out to selected users or lists. You can use this for prayer requests, fundraisers or any other church update.



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