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Pastor David | The Branch Church

Love your product and your customer service has been second to none!!!

Church Office Online Reviews
Pastor Steve | Alliance Church

We are using the Church Office Online program with great delight. It has been extremely useful to have such a good quality program that is web based so that we can access the data from any online computer. We are also very happy with the calendar, reports, and printouts that are available.

Rhonda | Administrator at Kaneohe Church

Customer support has been most responsive to my questions and suggestions, which is super! As we continue building our database and prepare our reports, I'm sure there will be issues; however, I am confident that your team will address them, and in a timely manner.

Nancy | Office Manager at Second Chance Church

It was easy to transfer our records to Church Office Online. We can customize our member's records for specific information. This program has so many different reports such as membership categories and contributions.

Lula | Church Clerk at Christ Baptist Church

All I need is my laptop to have my office at my fingertips. The membership clerk and I can both work at the same time, from different locations (or the same). Awesome Program.

Brenda | Church Administrator

Wow, this is great!! So far, we just love the program. And the customer service is amazing!! Thank You!!

We would recommend Church Membership Online to anyone!

Pastor Brian | Immanuel Baptist Church

After reviewing and researching church information systems since May, I have found that Church Membership Online could very well be the best solution when considering utility per dollar.

Sherry | Administrative Assistant

I am so happy with Customer Support. I put a phone call out and get a response in a timely manner. They meet me at my level. They are right there when I need help. They spend the time to be on the phone giving me a step-by-step walk through. They are respectful.

Chris | Minister at Hebron Christian Church

As a minister, there are a hundred things that I have to track; there are details I need to remember about people and about circumstances. Church office online meets that need! I can use it any where I have my computer, tablet or smart phone. Details come at all times of the day. It is nice to be able to look up information and add information no matter where I am at.

Denise | Church Secretary at Whipple Heights

Far superior to old school computer-based programs. Two thumbs up!

Charisma | Executive Pastor at Dove Worship Center

I would definitely recommend this product to everyone. The value vs cost is unparalleled in church software.

Pastor Rod | La Cosecha Church

We have found the service to be very user friendly and not so hard to learn. We can access the information from home or the office and have the backup online. In addition to this, the staff has been very helpful.

Pastor Abel | Bethany Worship Center

We absolutely love your software! Our whole leadership has been playing with your demo to see if it would benefit our church and we all agree it would!

Chock full of great features

Pastor Kim

I was especially appreciative of the fact that it was pretty intuitive. We've looked at some other far more expensive packages (which we couldn?t afford anyway), that looked like one needed extensive training to fully utilize it.

Pastor Grant

You guys ARE on the ball! Thank you for a quick response. Actually, I'm finding this program to be quite user-friendly so far. I'm sure it will help us grow; as a new church plant...

Pastor Brandon

I really like the usability and ease of access of this program much more than the "stand-alone" program we have been using for the past couple of years.

Michael | Technology Professional

I'm working with a church to get them setup on your software. I chose your web application because of the simplicity and ease of use.

Pastor Paul

Thank you for helping us walk through our specific church needs.

Pastor Ron | First Baptist Church

We like the software and find it very intuitive.