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Online Giving Software from Church Office Online

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Features for Churches

View Giving Data

Giving trends, high giving months, low giving months, month to month comparisons, all displayed in a simple to read graph that is viewable from any web browser. We also have reports that show giving Year to Date by donor. You can also create a wide range of custom reports right from your management portal.


At Church Office Online, we’ve been in the business long enough to know that extra steps in security go a long way. That’s why we have gone beyond the bare minimum to be PCI Level 1 Compliant, which is the highest level of security available to ensure your members transactions.

Automatic Giving

Beyond convenient, the biggest reason churches sign up for Online Giving is the ability for members to set up Automatic, or Recurring, Giving. Whether your member is present on Sunday or not, they can make sure they are giving regularly throughout the year.


With Church Office Giving, you can accept the forms of electronic payment that work you’re your church (Debit, Credit, and eCheck/ACH). It is up to you which combination of forms you wish to receive.


Pledges are a great way to set goals within your ministry! Members can contribute to a certain amount and get involved in the success of a specific fund. An email can even be sent if the pledge is nearing its goal to get the extra motivation needed to succeed!


With consistent updates to Church Office Giving, we have your church administrators in mind! One example of this can be found in the pre-built data imports and exports we have for many of the most popular financial packages, such as QuickBooks, Shelby, ACS, PowerChurch, Servant Keeper, IconCMO, HelpMate and Church Office Online. If yours isn’t listed, let us know! We’ll make an import and export that works for you.

Unlimited Users

Church Office Giving wishes more than anything for the growth of your church and its members, so we don’t put any limits on the amount of users that can be added into the Online Giving system! There are no additional fees or penalties for using Church Office Giving and using it well.

Kiosk Giving

Do you ever just get caught without cash? Well, your members do too! Setting up Kiosks within your church can be one of the best ways to catch them at the most convenient time for them to contribute. With several options for kiosks and mounts, we know your members will love the ease at which they can give.

Multiple Funds

Churches that really make the most of their Online Giving tools have many different funds or campaigns for people to contribute to! Whether you have local or global missions to fund or just an event for your youth this Saturday night, you can set up as many different funds as you want for no additional cost!

Keep Your Branding

Whether you have a logo and colors that designate your churches identity or not – chances are, there are some elements that your church members are familiar with. Our designers will create a unique online giving page and even e-mail templates for your church or ministry. All of the materials will be created to transition seamlessly between your church’s website and the online giving site. Branded online giving pages make your members feel more secure, because they are interacting with materials from an organization they trust.

Text Giving

Text giving makes giving easier than ever. Your church will receive a designated SMS phone number that members can text gifts in a matter of seconds! Funds settle with the rest of your online donations in typically 2-3 days. This is an add-on service for only $5/month and you can sign up at any time!

Event Registration

You have the power to set up, edit, and report on event registration forms, such as for youth events, retreats, or special fundraisers. We know that you actively engage your church – why else would you be at Church Office Online? Event Registration creates an easy way to manage the events of your ministry.

Online Administration

We are taking the most trivial tasks from Administration creating a one stop system for reporting and collecting giving. All giving records are displayed online and can be exported to excel, csv or directly to your church’s financial system. Do you have a specific export format you need? We can easily add it for you.