Heartbleed And Your Church Software

You may have heard something about “Heartbleed” recently and wondered what all the fuss was about. Simply put, Heartbleed is one of the largest internet security flaws in history and it affected more than 75% of secure sites on the internet. You can read about it in detail at

Is Your Church Management Software Safe?

Great question.

If you are using Church Office Online, the answer is yes – you are safe. We have updated our servers and SSL certificates with fixes for the Heartbleed vulnerability and everything is nice and secure again with industry leading 256 bit encryption.

If you aren’t using Church Office Online, we would suggest that you contact your church software provider and ask them if they have updated their servers and SSL certificates to address the Heartbleed vulnerability.

What Do You Need To Do?

We recommend that you change the passwords for all of your accounts just to be safe (its a good idea to change your passwords once and a while anyways.) We also recommend that you create a strong password. Here is a site that will generate a strong password for you.



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