New Congregation Map

We are pleased to announce a new congregation map available in Church Membership Online. This great feature will allow you to get a bird’s eye view of where your people are coming from using our church management software.

Church Management Software Map


  • Map households by member type
  • Map households by age category
  • Map individuals by ministry

Would you like to know where your visitors are coming from? Have you wondered where the best places would be in your community to start a home group or Back-Yard Bible Study? What area in your city has the highest concentration of people from your church? CMO Maps can do much more than point the way to a person's home, as important as that is for us who are navigationally challenged. It can provide you with the distribution, composition and growth of members in your community. CMO maps can show the spatial layout of your church congregation. CMO Maps can provide a wealth of helpful information towards the care and growth of your church.

Other Enhancements

  • Vanco online giving sync name matching improved
  • Previous Year and Last 90 Days date range options now available in Reports
  • Check-in updated with a new Log Out button


Church Office Online

2/13/2013 7:01:00 PM

January 2013 Enhancement Release

We are pleased to announce the release of January 2013 enhancements. All new features and enhancements are live and available to all subscribers now.

New Features and Enhancements

Church Membership Online

New Activity Log Report

A new report is now available called "Activity Log." Using this report, you can view activity information for all Church Membership Online programs and filter by action, user, etc. for any date range. This is a great feature to give you visibility into what is happening in your church and also to track down changes that were made in your account.

This report is available to all Administrative level users.

New Duplicate Contributions Check

We have added a new logical check to ensure that duplicate contributions are not entered. The duplicate check compares contribution date, method, amount, category and notes. If all fields are identical a duplicate contribution error will be displayed and the system will prevent a duplicate contribution from being created.

Important Note: There are some rare instances where duplicate contributions are needed. For these cases, simply enter a different note in each contribution and you will be able to record the contributions without a problem.

This is a great new feature that will help ensure that your contribution records are accurate.

New Admin Option to Disable Individual Access Directory

A new option is available to Administrators in Admin -> Church Settings that will allow you to disable the directory in Individual Access. This option is helpful for churches that want to provide their congregation with the ability to update their personal contact information, download contribution statements and view pledge status but do not want to give access to other individual’s contact information within the church.

Vanco Online Giving Import Category Matching

The Vanco Online Giving Import has been updated to match Contribution Categories rather than just using the default Contribution Category for all imported online payments. This will give a greater level of detail for contributions imported via Vanco online giving.

Individual Access

New Activity Logging

Individual Access has been updated to include activity logging for Registration, Login and Personal Information editing. Any time an individual in your church registers for an Individual Access account, logs in to Individual Access or updates their Personal Information, an activity log record will be generated.

You can view Individual Access registrations, logins and personal information edits in your Activity Log report.

We hope you enjoy the new features and enhancements.

Church Office Online

1/21/2013 3:46:00 AM

December Enhancement Release

We are pleased to announce that our December 2012 enhancement release is live. We've added and enhanced some features in Church Membership Online based on the requests and feedback of our churches.

New Features / Enhancements

  • Added Envelope Number to Individuals Data Export
  • Added HeadsOfHousehold and OtherFamilyMembers to Households Data Export
  • Enhanced Birthdays Report to allow multiple month selection
  • Enhanced Anniversaries Report to allow multiple month selection

We hope you enjoy the changes. Merry Christmas!

Church Office Online

12/19/2012 4:32:00 AM

New Feature - Activity Log

Merry Christmas everyone! Our gift to you is more new features in your church management software for a great price as usual - free!

Activity Log

Administrator and Pastor users now have access to a great new feature in Church Membership Online called Activity Log. The activity log is a record of activity that takes place in your Church Membership Online account. Most actions are included in the activity log and include information about the user that performed the action and a high level description about what they did.

The activity log is a great tool to help you keep track of the church management that is happening in your church. It is also a great way to look back to see when things happened.

Using the Activity Log

Actions are automatically logged now. To view the Activity Log, just log into your Church Membership Online account with an Administrator or Paster level user and then click on the "Activity Log" tab on the Dashboard.

Church Management Activity Log

We will be adding an activity log report that allows you to filter the information in an upcoming release of Church Membership Online. We will also be increasing the actions that are logged.

Activity Log Features

  • Records church management actions happening in your church
  • Provides date that actions took place
  • Lists the application (Church Membership Online, Individual Access or Check-in)
  • Includes the name or email address of the user that performed the action
  • Captures a high level description of the action that was performed

Other Enhancements & Features

We of course added a number of other enhancements and features in this release as well.

  • You can now give users a first name and last name, which will be used in activity logs
  • Envelope numbers can now be included in the Individuals Report
  • We refined the permissions for the "Contributions - Entry Only" user level
  • We fixed a bug preventing additional text message purchases from working
  • We fixed a bug preventing the "Send to All Individuals" text message option from working

We hope you enjoy the new features!

The Church Office Online team.

12/16/2012 9:56:00 PM

New Feature Release - Text Messaging

Church Office Online is pleased to announce the release of our new Text Messaging feature. All subscribers of Church Office Online can now quickly and easily send text messages to anyone in their church.

Text Messaging Feature

Church Membership Online now includes a full featured text messaging solution. Text Messaging is a great way to quickly send a discrete message of approximately 120 characters to a mobile phones in seconds. More people will read/reply to text messages than an email or recorded message on a phone. This makes it great tool for emergency notifications, meeting changes, prayer alerts and cancellations.

  • Send text messages to individuals
  • Send text messages to ministry members
  • Improve church communications
  • Send alerts to your members for urgent prayer requests or notices
  • Individuals can opt-out of receiving text messages from their phone or via their individual record

Check out our detailed overview here.


Text Messaging is free up to the limit of active records you have in your Church Membership Online subscription. So if you have a limit of 275 active records you will get 275 free text messages to send each month at no additional cost to you. A provision will be made so you can buy more text messages which will supplement your level amount when you need more at any time.

Enhanced Individual Search

We have also improved the most used feature in Church Membership Online, the individual search.

New features:

  • Ability to choose multiple filters (i.e. multiple member types)
  • Ability to filter by gender
  • Search by first or last name
  • Faster

Updated Contributions Report

As requested by many churches, we have added check numbers to the contributions report.

We hope you enjoy the new features and updates.

Church Office Online

11/12/2012 2:06:00 AM

Text Messaging Overview

Welcome to Church Office Online’s full featured text messaging solution.

A Text Messaging solution is a communication priority for today’s church. Our Text Messaging feature is easy to use, powerful and fast.

Just imagine the communication benefits your church will receive by using our text messaging feature. The sanctuary is flooded, and you need help, you select your men’s ministry and send them a text message, “Sanctuary Flooded we can use your help” in just seconds your message is received. A member in your church is in the hospital and needing prayer, you send a Prayer Alert and in seconds your church is praying. The scenarios are unlimited.

Text Messaging is a utility which can deal with urgent messages in a discrete way. Also referred to as SMS (Short Message Service), it is the most inexpensive and widespread choice today. Email requires an internet connection, but an SMS can be sent anywhere and anytime, as long as your phone has signal. Also a person is more likely to check their phone than their computer so your text message is more likely to be read more quickly than an email.

Video Tutorial

Click here to watch our video tutorial that will guide you through using text messaging in Church Membership Online.

Step-by-Step Instructions

The Text Messaging feature can easily be found in your Church Membership Online program in CHURCH under the Communication section.

  1. Enter your text message into the TEXT MESSAGE field. Note that Text Messages are limited to 120 characters. (For example, you could enter: “Thursday’s leadership meeting has been moved from 7pm to 8pm.”)

  2. Select the individuals you would like to send the Text Message to. We offer three options to send messages to: A ministry or ministries, one or more individuals, and every individual in your church. Note that it can only send to mobile phone numbers placed in the mobile phone field of individual records.

  3. Click the “Send Messages” button. Once you do you will receive a confirmation that your message was sent and how many messages were sent. Your message should reach the recipient's mobile phones in seconds.

When your text message is received it will be preceded by the phone number of our sending center and the text will contain your church name followed by the text message. We have also added an option for individuals in their record to be excluded from Text Messages, simply check the box in the Options tab titled “Exclude from Text Messages”.


Our Text Messaging feature is free up to the limit of active records you have in your Church Membership Online program. So if you have a limit of 275 active records in your Church Membership Online program you will get 275 free text messages to send each month at no additional cost to you.

A provision will be made so you can buy more text messages which will supplement your level amount when you need more at any time. Note: many churches are saving money by using this utility instead of a phone calling services.


Church Office Online

11/12/2012 2:05:00 AM

Video Tutorial - Text Messaging

The following video tutorial will give you a quick and concise overview of Church Office Online's text messaging solution.

11/12/2012 2:03:00 AM

Child Check-In Released

We are pleased to announce the availability of Church Office Online's Child and General Check-In application.

A Check-In solution is a high priority for today’s church. Children are the most vulnerable church members and therefore require secure measures to keep them safe and with the right guardian. Our full range of superior Check-In solutions will help your church better minister and care for your church members as well as help your church grow. Secure access to Check-In is available to all users of Church Membership Online using their current user name and password.

Live Demo

Check out our child check-in and general check-in system for yourself using our sample account.


  • Child Check-In

    Enables you to easily check children into ministry events such as Sunday school and print child name badges using a Dymo Label Printer. Name badge information includes name, allergy warnings, a unique receipt code and parent ticket for quick, secure pick-up. Each child record can be easily edited and saved.

  • General Check-In

    Allows volunteers to quickly check-in individuals to services, events and meetings. Working from a searchable list you are just a few seconds away marking attendance for each person attending.

  • Event & Meeting Attendance

    Allows volunteers to quickly enter individual attendance for events and meetings. Provides search capability for any individual in the church as well as a default display of all individuals involved in the related ministry.

  • Add Individuals

    Allows you to quickly add individuals and create households for those who are new to your church.

  • Activity Log

    View recent child check-in activity logs, including ministry, receipt code and who checked the children in.

  • Check-In Report

    View and print past attendance information for a service, meeting or event. Includes the individual's email and phone number for easy review and follow-up.

  • My Profile

    Allows the check-in user to edit their Church Membership Online profile.

  • Help & Support

    Provides access to our four support life lines. Video tutorials, knowledge base, 24/7 email support and work week phone support.

  • The Cost

    Our check-in application is included with your Church Membership Online subscription.

    We recommend the Dymo Label Printer 450 for printing children name tags. The Dymo 450 can be purchased at any major office retailer or online at

We hope you enjoy this new service!

Church Office Online

9/17/2012 5:41:00 AM

Check-In Overview Video Tutorial

The following video tutorial provides a general overview of our church child and individual check-in application.

9/17/2012 5:39:00 AM

Child Check-In Video Tutorial

Welcome to the Child Check-In Video Tutorial – this tutorial will share the simple steps needed to check-In children using our Child Check-In program.

Video Tutorial

Child Check-In Steps

  1. A parent with one or more children walks up to a children's check-in station attendant who has logged into Church Office Online’s Check-In application.
  2. If the family is new, the attendant should select “Add Individual” from the Main menu to enter the family into the system. If not then they go to step 3.
  3. From the Main menu, the attendant should select “Child Check-In” and ask for the last 4 digits of parent’s home phone, or last name, which will pull up the children in that household.
  4. The attendant then asks what class the child is checking into. The attendant will check off the name, select the classes the children are attending and then click the Check-In button to open the print label feature.
  5. The attendant will then print the name tags, instructing the parent to a place name tag on each child and retain the receipt code label to pick up their children after the service or event. It is a great idea to have the attendant put a colored sticker dot on any children's name tags that have allergies.
  6. If a parent is needed during the service, the attendant can text or call the audio/sound booth in the sanctuary to have the receipt code placed on the screen.
  7. When the parent picks up their children from the nursery or classroom, the attendant must match the parent’s receipt code with the child’s name tag receipt code for security.

Child Check-In Application URL

If you have additional questions please do not hesitate to visit our knowledge base found in "Help & Support" on the home page of the Check-In application, or email us at For printer set-up questions and links for the label printer presented in this program please go to our Help and Support page and select our link for “Printer Support”.


Church Office Online

9/17/2012 5:38:00 AM
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