Multi-Church Login Video Tutorial

The following video is a quick overview of how you can use multi-church login for your churches.

4/17/2013 1:02:00 AM

Multi-Church Login Released

We are pleased to announce the availability of Multi-Church Login for Church Membership Online. Multi-Church Login enables organizations, groups or churches with multiple campuses to use a single email address and password to log in to multiple Church Membership Online accounts. This feature makes it easy for multi-church administrators to log into multiple church accounts quickly.

Multi-Church Login

Multi-Church Login is available to all Church Membership Online users that have more than one account. You may have more than one account if you are an organization, a denomination, a church with multiple campuses or a group of separate churches that have shared administrators.

Multi-Church Login enables your group administrators to use one email address and password combination to login to multiple Church Membership Online accounts. User Roles work across accounts, so a Finance level user would have finance level permissions to any account they log into using the Multi-Church Login.

How do I use Multi-Church Login?

  1. Contact to request Multi-Church Login to be enabled for your group of churches.
  2. Log into your main Church Membership Online account as an Administrator. Go to Admin -> Manage Users.
  3. Edit any user accounts that you would like to have the ability to login via Multi-Church Login, check the box next “Enable Multi-Church Login” and Save.
  4. Visit to login (or direct your Multi-Church Login users to this URL to log in.)

Premium Multi-Church Login

We also offer a Premium Multi-Church Login to any group of churches that have five or more Church Membership Online accounts. Premium Multi-Church Login works very similarly to the regular Multi-Church Login with a few additional benefits:

Additional Premium Multi-Church Login Benefits

  • Unique URL (for example:
  • Customized login page with your organization name and logo

How do I setup Premium Multi-Church Login?

Contact and we can get this setup for you.

Video Tutorial

Here is a great video tutorial overview of using multi-church login.


Church Office Online

4/16/2013 2:11:00 AM

Top 10 Ways Your Church Can Use Text Messaging

Many churches no longer consider text messaging an optional tool in today’s ministry. Both urgent and non-urgent communications favor Text Messaging for speed, simplicity and cost. With most text messages being sent instantly and replies received seconds later, it has replaced many other forms of communication.

Here are ten popular uses for text messaging in your church.

Urgent Uses

  1. Notifications for Meeting, Event or Service Changes
    Example: “7pm Leadership meeting moved to 8pm”
  2. Prayer Requests for Pastor/Staff/Church Family
    Example: “Pastor had heart attack and is in ICU”
  3. Extreme Weather Conditions
    Example: “Local flood warning issued, service cancelled”
  4. Crisis Notification
    Example: “Church is flooded need help”

    Non-Urgent Uses

  5. Reminder of Important Meeting/Event/Service
    Example: “Special speaker in morning service”
  6. Attendance Poll for Meeting/Event
    Example: “Will you be going to Men’s Breakfast? If so reply “Going to MB”
  7. Transportation Assessment
    Example: “Please reply if you need a ride, or can offer a ride to the youth event next week and how many need ride or you can take/drive. Yes Ride 2 or Yes Drive 3”
  8. Text Message Questionnaire/Poll
    Example: “Which of the following do you prefer: Keep children in service-Reply CS1 or have full hour children church-Reply CC2”
  9. Bulletin Questionnaire / In-Service Poll
    Example: The pastor could ask a question they want everyone to answer, giving 3 possible answers and tell the congregation to text 1 to their SMS number if they agree with the first option, 2 to the SMS number if they agree with the second option, 3 to the SMS number of they agree with the 3rd option. Then someone can run the report and tally the answers and give the congregation the results in the service.
  10. Sermon Preview
    Example: Send your church family a message letting them know the topic for the coming sermon, or sermon series. This is a great way to engage your congregation and increase attendance.

Text Messaging Testimonial

Pastor Samuel uses Text Messaging in Church Office Online and has found it to be very beneficial to his ministry. Here is what he had to say...

“We see this as another tool to help us build a closer relationship with the members of our church, it is a way to stay connected without being too intrusive in their busy lives. It’s also a great way to communicate last minute changes. We use it to share the text for the sermon the day before and I have had people thank me for the messages they receive. I think it has helped us get more first time visitors in the door, because people have share the text with other people, also there have been many people who clearly have said they came to service because of the text!”

Some things to remember about text messaging...

  • Text Messaging messages are limited to 160 characters.
  • It’s good practice to abbreviate common words with popular abbreviations, but not every word.
  • Text Messages can only be sent to Mobile phones.
  • Text Message polling can give a real-time interactive way to use text messaging, which a lot of younger congregations will find engaging.


Church Office Online

4/14/2013 11:41:00 PM

Incoming Text Messages and New Reports

Incoming Text Messages

Text messaging has been a great tool for churches using Church Office Online and we want to continue to enhance our text messaging features to empower your ministry. We are excited to announce that your Church Office Online sms text messaging phone number can now receive incoming text messages. This allows you to quickly and easily see responses to text messages you have sent, or collect responses to questions or polls you pose to your congregation.

Text Messaging Report

This report will show you all incoming sms text messages that have been sent to your unique Church Office Online sms phone number for any date range you specify. Using this report, you can view responses to text messages you sent out or view incoming text messages for questions or polls you have posed to your congregation.

You can find the Text Messaging Report in Church Membership Online under the Reports menu.

Click here to view a video tutorial on how to use text messaging in your church.

We will be posting a blog with some ideas on how you can take advantage of text messaging in your church soon, so check back often.

New Reports Available

We are pleased to announce that three new reports are available in Church Membership Online. We believe these reports will benefit your staff and assist them in great church management.

Contributors Report

Need to know who the contributors are in your congregation so you can send them a letter of encouragement? Or maybe you need to know who gave to a specific fund for tracking purposes. The Contributors report enables you to determine who gave donations to the funds you specify and then create a list of contributors or mailing labels so you can send out communications.

Individual Pledge Statement

You can now create a pledge statement for individuals to help keep them up to date on how much they have pledged to various funds and how close they are to fulfilling their pledges. This is a great tool to help people track their giving goals.

Spiritual Development Report

Tracking spiritual development is an important part of a healthy ministry. Our new Spiritual Development Report enables you to quickly produce a list of individuals that have completed any spiritual development categories you select within a timeframe that you specify. You can also generate mailing labels for the individuals included in the report for follow up.


Church Office Online

4/8/2013 5:08:00 AM

Mailing Label and Visitor Follow-up Release

We are pleased to announce the release of some major enhancements to our Mailing Label and Visitor Follow-up features as well as a bunch of other great improvements.

Mailing Labels

The Mailing Labels report has been completely overhauled to provide greatly improved functionality and flexibility. Generating mailing labels with Church Membership Online is now super powered and makes it super easy to create mailing labels targeted to any group of individuals or households in your church. Mailing Label functionality can be found under the "Reports" menu.

Mailing Label Enhancements

  • Filter individuals by Member Type, Age Category, Gender, Marital Status and/or Ministries
  • Generate mailing labels for selected individuals
  • Create mailing labels for individuals or group by households

Visitor Follow-up

Our Visitor Follow-up report has been totally redesigned to make it easier for you to track visitors to your church and follow up with them. You can now quickly and easily identify who visited your church, using just about any filters you can think of and generate a report or create mailing labels. Visitor Follow-up functionality can be found under the "Reports" menu.

Visitor Follow-up Enhancements

  • Filter individuals by Member Type, Age Category, Gender and/or Marital Status
  • Include individuals created within the date range specified that meet filter criteria
  • Create a visitor report or generate mailing labels for the visitors

Unique Text Messaging Phone Number

Each church is now assigned a unique phone number that will be used to send text messages. The phone number will be local to the location of the church. This also enables us to add more text messaging functionality at a later date, including the ability to see text message replies.

New My Profile Feature

All Church Membership Online users now have access to the "My Profile" feature in "Admin." In "My Profile", users can change their email address, password, first name and last name.

Additional Enhancements

  • Added Martial Status and Ministries filter to View/Edit Individuals search
  • Improved Individuals Report filters, including the addition of Gender, Marital Status and Ministries filters
  • Added Marital Status filter to Text Messaging
  • Improved managing completed Spiritual Development for individuals
  • Improved Custom Fields report grouping and formatting


Church Office Online

3/19/2013 5:22:00 AM

Contributions Entry Enhancements

We are pleased to announce the release of some major new enhancements to our contribution entry features that will make entering donation information faster and even easier.

New Ability to Add Individuals on the Fly

You can now add individuals to your church management database directly from the contributions entry features. This enables you to quickly and easily add individuals on the fly while entering contributions, without interrupting your donation entry workflow.

Once you create a new individual, the individual's information will be automatically populated in the donation details for you. All individuals and households created during contributions entry will be added to your church management database.

New Edit and Delete Functionality

You now have the ability to edit or delete contributions immediately after entry without leaving the Add Individual Contributions or Add Envelope Contribution features. All contribution edits and deletes will be saved immediately to your database.

Additional Enhancements and New Features

  • New Administrative Assistant user role
  • Improved View / Edit Households Interface with additional filters
  • Envelope numbers are now included in individual names while entering contributions
  • HouseholdId has been added to the Individuals data export

We hope you enjoy these enhancements and they improve your donation entry workflow.

Church Office Online

3/11/2013 1:04:00 AM

New Contributions Entry Video Tutorial

The following video tutorial provides an overview of how to use contributions entry features in Church Membership Online.

3/11/2013 1:02:00 AM

Custom Member Types Released

We are pleased to announce the release of Custom Member Types in Church Membership Online.

Custom Member Types

Member Types can now be customized to meet the needs of your church. This feature provides your church with the ability to customize Member Types to match the terms you use within your church. Member Type is an individual designation that allows you to determine if an individual is a member of your church, an attender, a contact or any other designation you would like to give them. Existing Member Types can be edited or deleted and you can add as many new Member Types as you need.

To access Custom Member Types, login to Church Membership Online as an Administrative level user and then go to the Admin menu and select Member Types.

Click here to view our video tutorial overview of using custom member types.

Improved Data Export

We also have improved and simplified the Church Membership Online data export in this release. The Data Export feature now exports to simple CSV (Comma Separated Value) files. These files break down each piece of data into its own column and are also fully compatible with almost any application and operating system. For example, Microsoft Excel in Windows or on Mac OSX can open CSV files without a problem.

Click here to view our video tutorial overview of using the data export feature.

We hope you enjoy these new features and enhancements.

Church Office Online

2/27/2013 11:30:00 PM

Custom Member Types Video Tutorial

The following video tutorial will give you an overview of working with custom member types in Church Membership Online.

2/27/2013 10:31:00 PM

Data Export Video Tutorial

The following video tutorial provides an overview of using the Data Export feature in Church Membership Online.

2/27/2013 8:37:00 PM
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