Mass Edit Feature Released

We are pleased to announce the release (availability) of a new feature that will allow you to edit multiple individual records quickly and easily.

Mass Individual Edit

We've added one of the most requested features in our feature suggestion tool, individual mass edit. Using this great new feature, you can quickly and easily modify the value of multiple individuals.

How Do I Use It?

To use the new Mass Edit feature, just log into Church Membership Online and go to Church -> Mass Edit.

Video Tutorial Click here to watch a video tutorial overview of individual Mass Edit


  • Mass edit fields for multiple individuals at once
  • Select specific individuals using an extensive set of filters
  • Quickly change custom field values
  • Reduce administrative burden of making large changes

Example Uses

Here are some useful examples of how the Mass Edit feature can be beneficial to your church management.

  1. Member type edits. Quickly and easily change all member types from one member type to another. For example, you may want to change the member type of all individuals with a "Return Visitor" type to "Member" after they have completed your membership class.
  2. Custom field edits. Are you tracking baptism dates using custom fields? If so, you can set the baptism date for multiple individuals at once using Mass Edit.
  3. Age category edits. A common scenario for a lot of churches is changing the age category for children as they grow. Using Mass Edit, you could change all of the individuals with the "Preschool" age category to "Kindergarten" who are currently in the "Pre-K" ministry.
  4. Postal code changes. Every once and awhile the local government will modify postal codes. Using Mass Edit you can make the postal code changes necessary in one easy action.

Coming Soon

This is just the beginning for Mass Edit. We are hard at work on new features to support school years/grades. When the new school year/grade features are released, you will be able to use Mass Edit to do promotions from one school year/grade to another. We will also be adding the ability to assign multiple individuals at once to a ministry using Mass Edit.

New Pledge Features

We have also added a bunch of new pledge features that are sure to improve working with pledges in Church Membership Online.

  • Pledge status can now be included with individual contribution statements
  • Pledges are now included on the individual record, so you can view/add/edit/delete pledges for an individual easily

We hope you enjoy these new features and enhancements!

Church Office Online

8/19/2013 7:40:00 PM

New Individual Management Features Released

We are pleased to announce the release (availability) of new and improved individual features in Church Membership Online. We have streamlined our individual and household management as well as added many new features.

Streamlined Individual Management

We have streamlined the addition and management of individuals. Our new add / manage individuals feature offers a number of improvements:

  • Easier to read interface
  • Additional fields and options
  • Quick and easy household management
  • Improved picture management
  • Improved ministry, spiritual development and custom field management

Video Tutorial Click here to watch a video tutorial overview of the new features

Alternate Address Fields

Individual records now have alternate address fields, enabling you to track different addresses per individual.

Global Individual Search

There is a new Individual Search box available at the top of your Church Membership Online screen that enables you to quickly and easily search for an individual from anywhere in Church Membership Online.

Other Enhancements

  • New phone or mobile number filter when searching for individuals
  • Faster individual search
  • Duplicate mobile phone numbers are now listed in text message results
  • Care Information used in Child Check-in now displays in Individual records

We hope you enjoy these new features and enhancements!

Church Office Online

7/30/2013 6:34:00 PM

July 2013 Enhancement Release

We are pleased to announce the availability of the July 2013 enhancement release for Church Membership Online.

The July 2013 enhancement release includes the following new features and enhancements:

Envelope Contributions Individual Preview

This feature will display the name and address of the individual associated with an envelope number during Envelope Contributions entry.

To enable this feature all, just go to the Admin men, select Church Settings then set "Enable Envelope Number Individual Preview" to "Enabled."

New Church Settings Options

In addition to the envelope contributions individual preview, we have added a couple other options to allow you to customize Church Membership Online functionality.

  • Enable/Disable Dashboard Birthdays display
  • Enable/Disable Individual Access Birthdays display

Pledge Balance

We have updated the Individual Pledge Status report to include a calculated "Pledge Balance" value for each individual pledge.

We hope you enjoy the new features and enhancements.


Church Office Online

7/10/2013 1:39:00 AM

Planning Center Online Sync Released

We are pleased to announce the release of our new Planning Center Online Sync. You can now quickly and easily sync individuals from your Church Office Online account into your Planning Center Online subscription

What is Planning Center Online?

Only the best way to plan and organize your services, schedule your teams, store media, and so much more!

Click here to learn more about Planning Center Online

Sync Features

  • Quickly and easily sync individuals in Church Membership Online with PCO
  • Keeps your People records in PCO up to date with changes you make in Church Membership Online
  • Creates new People in PCO
  • Updates existing People in PCO

Video Overview

Click here to check out a video overview of our Planning Center Online sync for churches.


Planning Center Online sync is included at no additional cost with all of our subscriptions.

See our pricing page for full pricing information.


Church Office Online

6/4/2013 4:31:00 AM

New Calendars, Room and Resource Management

We are pleased to announce a major release of Church Membership Online is now live. We have received a lot of feedback requesting additional Calendar functionality, including an improved interface, iCalendar export, calendar item preview, room assignment and resource management. We are very happy to report that we have implemented all of these suggestions (and much more) in the latest release of Church Membership Online.

The new and improved features are now live and are of course included in your Church Membership Online account at no extra charge.

New Calendar Functionality

  • Calendar item preview
  • iCalendar export (so you can easily import your calendar into Outlook, Google, Apple Mac iCalendar, etc.)
  • Day, Week, Month and Timeline views of each calendar
  • Improved calendar interface
  • Improved event and meeting attendance functionality
  • More flexibility in setting recurrences
  • Recurring calendar items with no end date
  • Room and resource assignment to calendar items
  • Room and resource calendar views
  • Today view on Dashboard displaying an agenda of everything happening on the current day

Service Calendar

We have created a new calendar specific to services to help you visualize and track your service times. You can also share your service times with your congregation in real time with our calendar website plug-in.

Automatically add services to the calendar

You can now automatically add services to your calendar when you add or edit a service. Just check the new "Add to Calendar" option when adding or editing a service, and it will automatically be added to your calendar.

Room Management

We have added new functionality to manage rooms for your church. You can now add, edit, delete rooms as well as assign them to calendar items.

Church Resource Management

We have added new functionality to manage resources for your church such as projectors, laptops, iPads and AV equipment. You can now add, edit, delete resources as well as assign them to calendar items.

Video Tutorial Overview

Click here to watch our video tutorial overview of the new calendar features.

We hope you enjoy the new functionality.

Church Office Online

5/8/2013 10:54:00 PM
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