Video Tutorial - Custom Field Management In Church Membership Online

This video will give you an overview of managing & using custom fields in your Church Membership Online account.

3/24/2008 4:18:00 AM

Church Membership Online Updated - v3.2

Church Membership Online has been updated with a huge amount of new features & enhancements. As always, the updates & enhancements are free and available immediately for all of our churches.

Custom Fields

"Custom Fields" have been added to Church Membership Online, allowing you to add an unlimited number of custom data fields to track your church specific information about individuals & households in Church Membership Online. You may have noticed a new Custom Fields Tab in your individuals and Households page. To input your own "Custom" text, date or value field, simply go to the Admin" page (Administrative access only) and look for the "Custom Fields" feature. The directions are simple and allows you to individualize the type of data you want to collect for your church.

Households Directory

A new Households Directory feature has been added to Church Membership Online allowing you to quickly view and search the households in your congregation.

Households Directory Website Plug In

The new Households Directory is available as a website plug in, allowing you to publish your church directory directly on your website. This enables your congregation to view and search your up to date directory online and eliminates the need for you to publish periodic paper directories. Individuals can also save your households directory to PDF format should they wish to save or print it.

Session Timeout Notification

A new session timeout notification feature has been added. When using Church Membership Online you will now be notified of your session ending five minutes before it expires. If you do not respond to the notification you will be automatically logged out of your current session for security purposes.

Enhancements & Fixes

  • Birthdays report now shows birthdays with a year of 0001
  • Progress bars added for login and congregation map creation to improve user interaction
  • All website plug ins now feature a "PlugIn Preview" allowing you to preview each plug in
  • Contributions by Date Range Report can be categorized by Contribution Category now


The Church Office Online Team

3/20/2008 12:06:00 AM

How To Save Your Church BIG $$$ On Software

Software can be really expensive and add up quickly. If you want to be legal and licensed (and you do, you are a church after all :) the different licenses & upgrades can add up quickly and become a multi-thousand dollar per year expenditure for even small churches. There is a lot of free software available that can cut down on your software costs by thousands of dollars per year while at the same time providing the same ease of use as their expensive counterparts.

Average Software & Expenses

Below is a list of software that seems to be standard in most churches today.

  • Microsoft Office Professional (Word, Excel, Powerpoint) ~$300
  • Microsoft Outlook (Email, included in Microsoft Office Pro)
  • Norton Security Suite (Anti-Virus, Firewall, Anti-Spyware) ~$100
  • Bible reference program ~$100

Total Expenses Per Computer: ~$500

Alternative Software & Expenses

Now here is a list of alternative software that will do the exact same thing as the above mentioned applications.

Total Expenses Per Computer: $0

List of free software resources for churches:

If you use the free alternatives listed above it will save your church hundreds of dollars per computer in your church!


The Church Office Online Team

3/3/2008 11:42:00 PM

Church Membership Online Updated - v3.1

Church Membership Online has been updated with a huge amount of new features & enhancements. As always, the updates & enhancements are live immediately for all of our churches.

New Features

  • Anniversary Tracking
    You can now track anniversaries for individuals. Anniversary Date has been added to each Individual record as well as new Anniversaries Dashboard information, an Anniversaries Website Plug-In and Anniversaries reporting.
  • Dashboard Graphs
    The Dashboard now presents incredibly valuable information about your congregation member types, age categories and trending graphs for attendance & contributions.
  • Dashboard Congregation Map
    Using Microsoft Virtual Earth technology, the Dashboard can now show you a visual display of where your regularly attending congregation lives, helping you identify the areas which you are reaching successfully.
  • Contributions Quick Entry
    We have received feedback that a feature was needed to make entry of contributions from multiple dates easier. You asked and we answered with the great new "Contributions Quick Entry" feature. Using this new feature you can quickly and easily input multiple contributions for any individuals in your congregation for any date!


  • Individual Preview Bug
    A bug has been fixed where the mobile number was being displayed incorrectly in the Individual Preview popup.
  • Spiritual Development Delete Bug
    A bug has been fixed where a spiritual development category could not be deleted if it had been assigned to any individuals.
  • UI Inconsistencies
    A few pages have been updated to maintain consistency across the CMO user interface.


The Church Office Online Team

2/19/2008 10:04:00 AM

Welcome to the Church Office Online Blog

We are excited to launch the Church Office Online Blog. Weblogs (blogs) give us a rich platform to bring you constant updates about Church Membership Online, articles on church management techniques, the latest information on church technology and much more. Another benefit of having a blog dedicated to Church Office Online is the ability for you, our users, to comment on the updates, articles & information we share with you. Your opinion is our most important resource and we are excited to share the weblog platform with you.

Thanks for reading our first post. If you would like to keep up with the latest posts on this blog please check out (discontinued), which is a great RSS reader that will help you keep informed about any new blog posts.


The Church Office Online Team

2/11/2008 5:15:00 AM

Church Membership Online Updated v3.0.1

New Features & Enhancements

  • Data Export Now Supports Individual Spiritual Development
  • New Account Management Feature
  • Various Improvements & Fixes


The Church Office Online Team

1/19/2008 11:02:00 AM

Church Membership Online Updated v3.0

New Features & Enhancements

  • Redesigned user interface
  • New Website Plug-Ins feature
  • Various Improvements & Fixes


The Church Office Online Team

1/12/2008 11:03:00 AM

Archived Updates 2/13/2006 - 12/09/2007

The following is an archived list of all major updates made to Church Membership Online between 2/13/2006 and 12/09/2007.


Church Membership Online New Features

  • New International Support
  • New Data Export Feature
  • Various Improvements & Fixes


Church Membership Online Updates

  • New Birthday Report Features
  • New State Choices
  • Various Improvements & Fixes


Church Membership Online Updates

  • Individuals Grid Record Views
    • Added ability to "remember" the page you were viewing in the index of individuals
    • Added ability to "remember" the filter options you applied to the index of individuals
    • Added ability to "remember" the Last Name search used on the index of individuals
    • Added the page index to the top of the grid as well as the bottom for convenience
    • Added a drop down list to allow the user to view a specified number of records (25, 50, 100, All)
  • Contributions By Date Range Report
    • Added required field validation for date range
  • Members Directory
    • Enhanced the phone, mobile & email addresses formatting
  • Edit Households
    • Added the ability to apply contact information edits to all Household Members
  • Event & Meeting Attendance
    • Applied standard filter options to the Individual lists for Event & Meeting Attendance


Church Membership Online Updates

  • New General Contributions Feature
  • New Custom Date Range Contributions Report
  • New Household Attendance Feature
  • New Counseling Session Features
  • Added various enhancements & improvements


Church Membership Online Updates

  • New Manage Contributions Interface Added
  • Added various enhancements & improvements


New Version Of Church Membership Online Released!!!

Church Membership Online Version 2 is now Live! This new version encompasses many improvements and enhancements that offer improved performance, security and a more intuitive user interface. Login to your account today to experience the changes. Don't have an account? No problem, click on the "Live Demo" link to view the new version.

  • Version 2 Updates, Enhancements & New Features:
  • Individual / Household Previews with Mouse-Over
  • Improved Individual Contributions & Attendance Interfaces
  • Added "Legend" for Calendars
  • Improved Calendar user interface
  • Added New User Interface for Event & Meeting Recurrence
  • Added Additional Reports
  • Enhanced Dashboard Layout
  • Enhanced Several User Interface Components
  • ASP.NET 2.0 Technology
  • More AJAX functionality to improve performance & usability


New How To Documents

We have added a bunch of new How To Guides to help you use Church Membership Online to its full potential.

  • 17 New How To Guides Added
  • Click Here to view the new How To Guides


BETA Updates

  • Improved Individual Contributions & Attendance interfaces
  • Fixed several bugs
  • Added "Legend" for Calendars
  • Improved Calendar user interface


BETA Updates

  • Added new user interface for Event & Meeting Recurrence
  • Enhanced Dashboard Layout
  • Enhanced several user interface components



  • Church Membership Online BETA started
  • Current site being converted to ASP.NET 2.0 technology! This is a major overhaul of the existing site to improve the performance and offer more features and an even better user interface.
  • New Features coming soon:
    • Counseling Session Tracking
    • General Contributions
    • Individual / Household Previews
  • Enhancements coming soon:
    • Improved performance & security
    • More refined and intuitive UI
    • More AJAX!
  • Stay tuned for future announcements about the new version of Church Membership Online!


  • Added new reports
  • Improved Dashboard information
  • Enhanced several user interface components



  • Email Generation features added!
  • Added the ability to mark events & meetings as "All Day"
  • Add the "Staff" member type
  • Enhanced the sorting of events & meetings displayed on calendars to be sorted by time


  • Added Dependant count to the Dashboard
  • Added a total count of service attendance for each service & date to the individual service attendance
  • Added a Birthday report for upcoming birthdays for any month throughout the year
  • Enhanced the Dashboard calculation for members that haven't attended service to include only "Voting Member", "Non-Voting Member" & "Return Visitor" member types
  • Increased the size of the pictures in Church Directories
  • Changed the "Closed" member type to "Archived"



  • Added mobile interface to Church Membership Online for all mobile devices including PDAs, mobile phones, Blackberry devices, etc.
  • Mobile interface provides individual lookup, event calendar lookup & meeting calendar lookup
  • Mobile interface is automatically accessed by visiting on your mobile device


  • Added AJAX technology when adding events, meetings & contributions to improve usability and speed.
  • Improved the add contributions user interface.
  • Improved editing individual spiritual development.


  • Added AJAX technology to Add/Edit individuals & mark individual service attendance. AJAX technology greatly improves performance by reducing the number of page refreshes (postbacks) that are required.


  • Added ability to mark individual date of birth as "Unknown"
  • Added automatic e-mail link to individual e-mail addresses
  • Improved tabbing when adding new individuals to existing households


  • Added "Notes" feature to Individuals
  • Added "Notes" feature to Households
  • Added global link to "Help"
  • Added global link to "Recent Updates"


  • Added "Map Address In Google" feature to Individuals
  • Added "Map Address In Google" feature to Households
  • Added "Unknown" options for Individual age category & marital status
  • Added ability for Churches to select their Denomination when creating an account
  • Improved "This Month's Birthdays" Dashboard Feature


The Church Office Online Team

12/10/2007 6:31:00 AM
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